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The Best Shoe and Leather Repair in Long Island

Long Island Leather is Glen Heads #1 shoe repair shop servicing the entire tri-state  area. Leather Repair in Glen Head Long Island.
With over 40 years of experience, our repairmen are devoted to replenishing all leather items, and provide a quick and efficient service. 
We are under new management and offering a complimentary pick-up and delivery service for all of our clients. 
Long Island Leathers welcomes you to our shop located at 693 Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Head, NY.

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Our Clients Love our Quality Work

I have a LV  bag that was completely ripped apart at the seems.  One small tear in the canvas and LV refused to repair and I’m glad they did!  My bag was repaired for $40 in less than a week!  LV repairs cost hundreds and take 6-8 weeks. Highly recommended!

Natasha P.

New York

I had 5 pair of high heels that needed the bottom replaced. They provided excellent and timely service. Highly recommend Long Island Leather in the glen head area.

Gordon A.

New York

can’t recommend this place enough. Excellent service and pricing. I’ve had tough fabrics and shoes cleaned as well as heels replaced, and they always do a wonderful job! Also, great customer service! Always on time and always a smiling face when you walk through the door.

Thomas M.

San Francisco

Seems like they did a good job. The heel replacement was great , they even polished it so well that removed previous marks and scratches. Well done all together.

Gavin M.